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The Bambatha Rebellion (or the Zulu Rebellion) of 1906 was led by Bambatha ka Mancinza (c. ), leader of the ama Zondi clan of the Zulu people, who lived in the Mpanza Valley (now a district near Greytown, Kwa Zulu-Natal) against British rule and taxation in the Colony of Natal, South Africa.

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Biggar and his second son, Robert, subsequently participated and died in retaliatory attacks on the Zulus.

Most people camped at the Klein- and Groot-Moordspruit were murdered.

The massacres occurred at Doringkop, Bloukrans River, Moordspruit, Rensburgspruit and other sites around the present day town of Weenen in South Africa's Kwa Zulu-Natal province.

After the killing of Piet Retief and his delegation (about a hundred persons), the Zulu King Dingane sent his impis to kill the remaining voortrekkers who were camped at Doringkop, Bloukrans (Blaauwekrans), Moordspruit, Rensburgspruit and other sites along the Bushman River (Zulu: Mtshezi), in the present province of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa. The murdered included George Biggar, the son of Alexander Biggar, a trader at Port Natal.

As the sun rose, colonial soldiers opened fire with machine guns and cannon, on rebels mostly armed only with traditional assegais (spears), knobkerries (fighting sticks) and cowhide shields.

Bambatha was killed and beheaded during the battle; however, many of his supporters believed that he was still alive, and his wife refused to go into mourning.

Also, his picture appeared on a postage stamp and a street was renamed in his honour.

According to speeches in the ceremony, the beheaded body had not really been Bambatha's and the actual chief succeeded in escaping to Mozambique.

This belief is still widely current; a DNA test of his alleged body failed to give a definite answer.

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