Xm radio not updating

Anyone had any luck taking their subaru in for service and having it come out with a normal channel list and stay that way??I'll seriously cancel all of our sirius if they're not going to fix this and forego subscribing for the subaru.Contact your avionics installer for specific installation information.

I asked about an adjustment to my bill, and they said they would credit the time it was not working - but sounded like that was only because I asked.

They know the make/model/year of my car, and they know about the issue, so I am not sure why they did not contact me proactively. Just spent 20 minutes with someone trying to get a refresh signal sent. It's amazing that their customer support team seem to have no idea about this problem and keep sending refresh signal.

This could also potentially be a result of improper gain. A: Heads Up technology interfaces with nearly all popular Multi Function Displays.

Verify by checking Heads Up installation manuals for XM products, which you can request here. To-date, integration is available for many Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Aspen, Universal, IS&S and Avidyne systems.

You are still able to listen by using the knob to tune or directly tuning to the channel of your choice. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are aware of the issue and working on a fix.

You are still able to listen by using the knob to tune or directly tuning to the channel of your choice.

They said there isn't any action to take on our end. When I called SXM they said it was a problem with Subaru’s and they were working to fix it.

I asked when I would know it's fixed and they said it would just start showing.. They did reimburse me the month I’ve been without service and guaranteed they would continue to do so.

Contact Heads Up customer service if issues persist. A: Verify that the power wiring to your radio is correct. If the problem continues, contact Heads Up at for additional assistance.

A: On the receiver, there is a red LED next to the connector J1. A: The PMA’ed low-profile tear-drop XM antenna utilizes a SMA connector.

I just cancelled my service with XM because it didn’t make sense to continue paying for a service that wasn’t completely working. Makes it impossible to use the radio while driving. 2015 Outback - Same problem since around Labor Day. Finally got someone in the technical dept who said "'didn't they tell you that we have a problem with Subaru's. Everyone the problem is NOT SOLVED and Sirius XM needs to push a fix eventually.

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