Xbox keeps updating

On one pc the Xbox game bar keeps getting listed as an update in the store app, I always have automatically update apps turned off, preferring to check and install updates manually. The reliability history never shows it listed as a successful update or unsuccessful.

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Ok so I'm quite a busy person, don't play my Xbox daily and sometimes don't play it weekly.

However sometimes I like coming home and playing a few games. EVERYTIME i switch the Xbox one it has a 500mb-8gb update it needs to install.... What ever happened to switching a console on and playing a game? My Xbox is literally just gathering dust now because i can never play it when I have a spare hour to.

That's a weird response from Microsoft given that, as soon as Operation Broken Eagle was available for download, I got my colleague Seamus (the current keeper of the Xbox One) to check how big the download was. So now I'm even more confused — was the content for Operation Broken Eagle included in the 13GB update after all?

If so, why wouldn't Microsoft just say that, when it was already being open about having content from Chapters three and four in there?

I click to update it and it does its thing in a jiffy. So its like a phantom update that keeps happening periodically over and over!

Launching a game like solitaire wakes the bar up to confirm its working ok But this is a weird quirk in 1803.

Or was the content for the DLC in the original game files all along (which is really quite impressive in terms of game production)?

Or has Capcom got so damn good at programming, it really was just a 20MB add-on?

Back towards the end of January, Microsoft announced an update for the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3.

At 13GB, this was a massive update by anyone's standards. It's the last two parts of a projected four chapters of DLC that'll cost you US for a 'season pass' or US individually.

This is going to add some truly useful features, including a battery indicator for the controller (finally), support for USB keyboards and some storage management features (presumably so you can see how little hard drive you have left after downloading 13GB updates). However, on 4 March, we're getting a second system update colloquially being called "countdown to Titanfall".

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