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With high prices and low inventory, competition is fierce as these agents venture out to conquer new territory in real estate and their personal lives.

Meanwhile, newcomer Tracy Maltas struggles to maintain a work-life balance with a husband and two daughters at home while expanding her business and butting heads with the rest of the boys. Visit and follow our instagram to receive awesome pictures from concert tours. Get Retro Ask her about board games she liked as a kid.

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The opening took place far long ago specifically at the end of August Track down the upcoming events in the world and never miss a gig of your favorite artist again. Just be sure to avoid after-school hours -- kick it up after the kiddies go home for dinner.

Discover live shows near your place, concert listings for a specific venue and date or find events that appeal to music preferences. We are not a subsidiary of any particular organization and serving the needs of people who are in search for concert tickets.

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