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So the basic question is --- how can something that was so addictive and useful to millions of people just disappear with nothing to replace it? Once the mass population had transitioned to social networks from chat rooms, owners of chat rooms began to shut them down.

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Films and TV often portray friends that transition to “more.” The reversal isn’t talked about as much, perhaps because we put such weight on sex. If you see a possibility for friendship with a former hook-up, wait until the emotional dust has settled before contacting them, to make sure you don’t have ulterior motives of rekindling the sexual spark.

There’s the chance that they may not share the same vision of a new frontier where lovers become friends.

But as girlfriends, we were completely incompatible.

As challenging as it was, our rocky romantic beginning ultimately helped me see sex and friendships with a new perspective. She had long, beautiful ivy-green hair, and I spent the next day hoping that we’d match.

We’d laugh about him and then become quite jealous. It was ultimately all for the best, but four people ended up sad and single as a result. We didn’t switch from going down on one another to becoming best friends overnight.

My whirlwind of a romance with Riley was hot—but a hot mess. In fact, we didn’t speak to one another for a few months.

The only thing they actually got was walking in on us hooking up and ignoring them, which is a great lesson for straight boys: if you’re opening up your relationship, don’t assume you’ll be involved in every single act. We were so similar that it turned out we had even dated the same men.

While sharing our dating histories over drinks, we discovered that we were talking about the same person. Our relationship fell apart and so did things with the men we were involved with.

If that’s the case, the friendly thing to do is respect that.

But if they’re down, flip the “friend zone” on its head by breaking the sex barrier and turning the connection you created into a friendship.

We weren’t exclusive—and were both also dating men.

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