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Due to their large social media following — Safaree has 2.1 followers on Instagram while Mena has 3.8 million — they believe a livestream makes more sense than a television wedding special.Safaree proposed to Mena at her Atlanta home as they were celebrating the holiday with friends and family. American people don’t take dating as seriously as some do overseas.

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Like any true romantic, he got down on one knee and presented her with a giant diamond ring.

It’s not a secret that cultures of different countries are not alike, and dating culture is not an exception.

It is not that popular in Russia, however, American men and women like it.

They don’t push the relationship and let it go as it does, not making any particular plans for the future.

So, unless it’s the second meeting and your date presents you with the wedding “mood board” she’s been working on since she was seven, try not to recoil at her forthrightness.

At least this way you’ll quickly identify whether you want the same things.I’ve watched girls in coffee shops and bars, not only surveying man candy from afar but, like lionesses eyeing a fat antelope with a dodgy knee, zoning in and making their intentions known. American men, so I’m told, are more likely to offer to pay for dates and bat away a woman’s wallet.Early discussions about what you’re looking for, be it a husband or casual hook-up, are also commonplace here.pic.twitter.com/lj Gr CR6mv X This White man killed 2 women and a child! What you giving back to your hard working employees? Not complying & resisting arrest ARRESTED ALIVE AND UNHARMED There is a list of innocent, unarmed black men and BLACK CHILDREN (Tamir Rice) 💔 that didn't kill anyone executed by police THIS IS WHY WE KNEEL pic.twitter.com/HGLZa4ISkx #Hip Hop Squares is NEW TONIGHT with 2 episodes starting at 8/7c featuring @amandaseales @The BSimone @De Ray Davis @DCYOUNGFLY @deoncole @iam Erica_Mena @icecube @Jackie Christie @Jessimae Peluso @kmichelle @lilduval @mclyte @nate_robinson @Ne Ne Leakes @IAMSAFAREE @Saweetie @Tip MORE! SOMETHING MILLION IN SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISEMENTS AND NOT ONE DOLLAR ADDED HOURLY. - Keep your head up Queen pic.twitter.com/T1m I6Awc RJ I wake up grateful and so appreciative of all I have. S., try to limit yourself to one per evening and refrain from discussing your other dates with the person trying to delicately chew burrito opposite you.

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