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No errors were being thrown, it just wasn't storing the values! Hmmm I never knew that you could ctrl-click on the combobox to reset that value to -1.Selected Item tries to find whatever it’s bound to in the actual list.

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I knew about the pmrpot, but wow learn something new every day Sounds like that might be a nice custom control though.

Deselectable Combo Box onclick if ( selected Item == current Target ), either throw a ctrl-click or just set selected Index = -1.

The Combo Box contains the names "Joe" and "Steve" and "Steve" is selected by default.

Object Instance = obj2 End Sub End Class When the Window first loads, the bindings hook up fine.

I thought I’d put together a quick post today on something that annoyed me and that I found unintuitive: binding with the WPF combo box.

I’m doing some development following MVVM, and a situation came up in which I had a view model for editing a conceptual object in my domain.

Role is not an enum or a literal, but an actual, conceptual reference object.

In the view model for a customer edit screen, I was exposing a model of the user domain object for binding, and this model had properties like first name and last name editable via text box.

Based on what I have read, I have this set up right.

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