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Description: One of your first attacks, and one of the most versatile ones.It turns your next autoattack into a special (or yellow damage) attack that deals additional damage, as well as causing additional threat.Past level 60, Shield Bash will trigger a Daze effect on the target - increasing the damage done from some abilities (only Heroic Strike for Warriors) as well as providing a 50% snare.

Intimidating Shout Description: A very, very useful ability that most people don't know how to use properly. Intimidating Shout him and you can stroll over and smack him in the face once Frost Nova wears off. Intimidating Shout his PET, then follow the Hunter around while the pet stands there looking like an idiot and you beat the crap out of his master (this also works with Warlocks or Mages with Frost Elementals! namely, enough time to use a full bandage (or close to a full bandage), which will help immensely when trying to kill difficult monsters or other players.

The spell actually has two effects; the first will fear up to 4 targets within 8 yards of you. Berserker Rage Description: A fantastic tool for Pv E and Pv P.

It provides a long interrupt against a single spell school, although the longer cooldown than Pummel balances this out somewhat.

It's worth noting that the cooldowns for this and Pummel are linked, and using either triggers the same cooldown (10s if Pummel is used, 12 if Shield Blash) on both.

Heroic Strike has two distinct uses, depending upon if you're using a two-hand weapon, dual wielding or a sword and board.

If you're using a two-hand weapon, this ability is usually fairly useless.

Pummel Description: Pummel will be your primary interrupt from the moment you get it.

It doesn't require a shield, and thus is much more likely to be available for use in most situations.

The second effect gives any single target within 10 yards of you the "Intimidating Shout effect", which acts as an Incapacitate in the same vein as Gouge. Berserker Rage will make you immune (or remove any current) Fear, Incapacitate or Disorient effects from you.

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