Worst dating websites

Scroll down and you’ll continue to see more of the same cut-and-pasted low quality images with links.There’s a search box at the top that’s handy – providing you’ve got some idea of what you’re looking for…uk RUDGWICK STEAM SHOW!

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This isn’t the worst site on the web at the moment and there’s useful information at the bottom of the page, but it’s just a baffling shame that users need to scroll past numerous pieces of floating meat to get there…This Florida-based company might have a site design that’s stuck in the past, but they’ve also decided that the best way to encourage user engagement is to completely bombard them with information on the homepage.

A few small, low quality images are scattered throughout the page, but nothing to break up the large amount of text. Even though Penny Juice has a page that asks “Who is Penny Juice?

This in-your-face site makes full use of collage imagery, primary coloured fonts and random floating GIFs!

It’s difficult to glean any useful information from the incredibly busy homepage.

There’s little clue as to what this site actually is.

Looking a bit like an early web version of the Argos catalogue, this site is genuinely baffling.Jami Lin “Love Love LOVES helping you to evolve” but could use a little of her own advice to revamp her website.Collages of images, videos, links, adverts and copy are all crammed into the centre of the site.This site is not only useless for meeting people, it’s actively terrible. Be2uk Review: Why We Did Not Count Be2uk Amongst Our “Top Online Dating” List Even if Be2uk were a site where we met a thousand women that we fell in love with, we still wouldn’t recommend that you use this awful, cheating, dishonest website. uk Review: Why We Did Not Count uk Amongst Our “Top Online Dating” List uk is a stupid little site that’s gained a bit of popularity over the years, SOMEHOW, despite being mind-numbingly idiotic. uk Review: Why We Did Not Count uk Amongst Our “Top Online Dating” List uk is a big social networking site attempting to seem legitimate—when it’s really a hookup site in disguise.The ONLY place Badoo is popular and will receive positive...If you sign up and ask to be charged for one month, you’ll be charged...

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