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Millie’s loyal boyfriend Jordan travels with her to away fixtures – and she has been spotted kissing the Surrey golf club assistant on the touchline after a number of games.

Posing with her fella by her side after a game, the smitten 25-year-old Chelsea ­centre-half posted on Instagram: “This one never fails to amaze me.” Alex is a left-back and Jack is a centre-back for Sheffield United.

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She regularly shares loved-up snaps of the couple on Instagram, and is believed to be already en route to France to show her support.

Sharing a promotional video on Twitter recently, he wrote: "Love it.

Shortly afterwards, Emma posted a pic of the couple clapping hands and wrote: "Same dream, different team.

I get to play at a World Cup with my wife." Alongside another adorable pic taken in Seattle, she wrote: "Home is where the heart is." The Manchester City forward, 30, is married to Callum Convery, a sports development officer for the Football Association.

It appears she has no competition from her husband, with whom she lives in Nottingham, on the pitch. Now, if we have a knock around together, he usually ends up in goal,” she told The Sunday Times.

The 25-year-old Manchester United player has been dating Sheffield United defender Jack O' Connell, 25, for several years after meeting at school.

Last year, she wished him a happy 21st birthday, and also indicated that the pair met as children playing football.

Beside old and current snaps of them, she wrote: "My boy from daydot is 21.

When Alex joined ­Manchester United as captain last July, her ­boyfriend wrote on Instagram: “@alex greenwood22 always doing me proud.” The two 25-year-old footballers began dating five years ago.

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