Wordpress feed not validating

I look for a way to disable caching of the feed URLs.

Where to find help Seriously Simple Podcasting comes with complete user and developer documentation.

Please read this documentation thoroughly before posting on the support forum.

You can learn more about creating custom post types in the Word Press Plugin Developer Handbook.

While you generally won’t develop Custom Post Types in your theme, you may want to code ways to display Custom Post Types that were created by a plugin.

Our integrated podcast hosting platform allows you to upload your podcast audio files directly to a dedicated media host, without ever having to leave the Word Press dashboard.

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Especially since I’ve just submitted my site to a bunch of blog agregators.

I may have to re-enable caching and let that media type screw with the readers anyway, or I can modify WP-Cache so it is smarter about those particular files.

This syndication stuff is such a mess…I find the whole situation very irking.

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