usa dating site 2016 - Windows 7 rss widget not updating

Adding feeds is as simple as right clicking on the ticker, going to “File” and either importing a feed list file (OPML), or opening individual feeds.

Then, before you know it, you’re losing touch with the news and with headlines from the world around you. RSS feeds have been around for ages, and they remain the most popular vehicle for busy people to get the latest news quickly and efficiently.

In this article, I’m going to cover four of the best tools to deliver RSS feed updates directly to your desktop, either through RSS tickers, or from alert boxes that display feed information right inside and scroll automatically.

One great example of this is Feed Notifier, an RSS feed app Feed Notifier rests in your taskbar, and you can add feeds to it simply by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Add Feed”.

It’s a tad annoying that you have to add feeds individually – there’s no way to import feed lists – but this is a small drawback to deal with given how useful the app is once you’ve got it loaded up with your favorite feeds.

Thankfully, RSS feeds are a savior for the worker – a way to sort of auto-browse all of those headlines without the need to click and read each one.

What you’re suffering from is a condition called “aging”.I still see the 100 headlines leading up to the end of June 30th, but nothing new. Hi A suggestion would be to remove the feed from your sidebar list and add it back in. Whatever was causing the problem must have been on their side. I'm not aware of anything that changed on my end to cause this -- I certainly didn't do anything with Sidebar or RSS -- and if I go into RSS Feeds/MSNBC News in Outlook I see the very latest headlines are being downloaded so if Sidebar uses the standard Windows RSS transport that's not the problem. I don't know if anything changed with the feed or not, but doing this should get the new one, or the same old one, going again. Sometime in the past 24 hours the widget started working again. You have kids, your responsibilities grow, and it seems like the days grow shorter.First, you no longer have time to play those games that you used to love so much.So you are only reading from file once in your example.

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