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The crest and motto within the crest badge are derived from that of the Macleods of Lewis.

The king offered anyone who brought the bandit in, dead or alive, the barony of Bomby.

When the king appeared to forget his promise, Mac Lellan supposedly exclaimed "Think on!

After much infighting between the members of the former SLDF, Aleksandr's son Nicholas Kerensky took command of the exiles, reorganizing them into twenty Clans of warriors leading and protecting their attendant civilian castes.

While the Inner Sphere was mired in the destructive Succession Wars, the Clans experienced a technological renaissance.

Scottish crest badges are heraldic badges used by members of Scottish clans to show their allegiance to a specific clan or clan chief.

Even though they are commonly used by clan members, the heraldic crest and motto within the crest badge belong only to the clan chief – never the clan member.

What draws things to other dimensions, one wonders. This depot box is found inside of every Depot Chest anywhere.

You read the almanac at just the right spot to end up... That is the problem with dimensional travel: you will never know. The maximum amount of items that can be held in all depot boxes together is 2,000 items for Free Account players, and 10,000 items for premium account players.

Even today the chiefs of Clan Mackenzie are styled Baron Macleod of Castle Leod.

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