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As we commemorate the latest milestone in the life of Derek Jeter (the Yankees captain turns 40 on Thursday), we also take a stroll through the future Hall of Famer's perhaps most eye-popping list. And in typical Jeter fashion, neither side ever confirmed.

No, not the Cy Young winners he has taken deep, nor the near-3,400 hits he has compiled in his career. We'll save those for the Sabermetricians and Cooperstown voters. The Indian-born Dutta had quite the 2000, being crowned Miss Universe and hooking up with Jeter, reportedly for a year-long romance. Like some others on this list, Jeter's tango with the Cuban-born model was never confirmed.

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UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 19: New York Yankees' Derek Jeter sits courtside with girlffriend Jordana Brewster as they watch the New Jersey Nets take on the Los Angeles Lakers at Continental Airlines Arena.

(Photo by Linda Cataffo/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)Ah, but then: the Vanessa Minnillo years. From 2003 to 2006, this on-again, off-again relationship felt like it could be the place where Derek's heart could really find its anchor.

She came clean to PEOPLE magazine in 2007 saying "I'm linked to a lot of people.

Trust me, if I were dating Derek Jeter, i would hold my own press conference to announce it to the world." She couldn't lock down Jeets, but she did just get engaged to Dwyane Wade.

Retirement of a long-time player is a bittersweet thing: bitter because you have to say goodbye to someone you've watched grow from a young, uncertain caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly; sweet because you get to re-live all the moments along the way.

Though, for Derek Jeter, who will reportedly marry men's T-Shirt model Hannah Davis, a look back at his career in love is like a topographical map of the Rockies, all mountains and valleys, fraught with equal parts joy and anxiety, infatuation and heartbreak.

She can ride horses and she can talk to horses, and she can tame the untamable: Derek Jeter's heart.

She stuck with him through the final years of his baseball career, and now will be with him as he embarks on a new journey that has no home runs or strikeouts, just hours of arguments over what Netflix show to watch, or whose turn it is to take out the trash, to help the all-time great Yankees shortstop do the one thing he's always been meant to do: love, and love deeply.

But while he wasn't out with Vanessa Minnillo, he was rumored to be spending time with Jessica Alba. Like some of the other relationships, neither side confirmed the relationship. She married former NBA player Marko Jaric in 2009 and had two daughters with him before separating in 2014.

Sure, it was more than three years since the Yankees last won a title. While she didn't end up with Jeter, she must have liked dating an athlete.

The relationship is brief, as are any substantiations on the seriousness of the affair. Throughout his career, Jeter has been a much better second-half hitter (sporting a career .299 batting average before July 1, .323 after). A year after Jeter and Lima did New York, the Pinstriper reportedly turned to perhaps the most famous Angel of them all in Banks.

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