Whos dating dan fogelberg

She said, “Well, let me know if you need any help.” When the RSVPs reached 350, I called her and said, “Help!”We kept calling the hotel and adding more food, and once the RSVPs passed 400, they moved us into the ballroom.The trolley tours that took guests to a series of Dan-related sites were sold out, so people carpooled and followed the trolleys from location to location.

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The Welcome Party The mood was one of excitement: after months of anticipation and planning, it was all actually happening.

We dressed in our finery, and the women all looked beautiful and the men all handsome. ”People who cried when they’d heard the news of Dan’s passing and tried to explain their tears to friends and family were now among 450 others who had felt that same sense of loss. I wondered how many people in that room had stood together in a theatre, arena or amphitheater in the '70s, '80s or '90s without meeting? We mingled, talked, ate, reminisced and ended up on the dance floor, swaying with our arms intertwined, singing at the top of our lungs. On stage was a revolving group of talented musicians who weren’t there to sell their latest CD or further their careers.

On Friday night, we took over the Hotel Père Marquette’s ballroom and celebrated Dan’s life and music and met new friends.

There wasn’t time for all of the musicians who wanted to be in Saturday’s tribute concert to play, so we thought, “Let’s have a little party the night before where those musicians can play, and it will give everyone coming from out of town another event to go to.” Dan and I had always stayed at the Père Marquette, so that seemed like a logical choice.

Historical Markers Saturday afternoon was hot, but not as hot as the day before or the day after.

The thunderstorms that were expected later in the week held their course, so the weather on the day of the memorial dedication was all we could have hoped for.

I understand they already have reservations for The Dan Fogelberg Suite.

My friends, Susie Chinn and Suzie Fernandez, also long-time friends of Dan’s, agreed to be our official photographers and not only took a lot of photos with their own cameras, but also graciously helped partygoers get shots of themselves with their point-and-shoot cameras.

How he managed to get all of that approved by the various city entities while also organizing a tribute concert is still a mystery to me.

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