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The problem is, though, that it's merely a symbol of White Feminism.

She also called out the fact that winning videos always feature "women with very slim bodies." Instead of recognizing the heart of her comments, Swift jumped in and accused Minaj of pitting women against each other.

She exhibited the crux of White Feminism: completely ignoring serious race-related issues while strutting a feminism that is defined as "women sticking together." As Nosheen Iqbal wrote for The Guardian, Nicki was "archetyped as the angry black woman," while Taylor was "bizarrely cast as the feminist hero."I have yet to see anything from Taylor that would indicate that she cares about women of color and their struggles.

Due to irreconcilable differences, I've officially broken it it off with her. The whiny breakup songs were getting old, and I got pretty irritated when she complained about her dating life becoming "a national pastime." Come on, Taylor.

Her public spat with Katy Perry made me roll my eyes, but her response to Nicki Minaj on Twitter was what got me riled up.

Judnick Mayard wrote for The Guardian about this cultural appropriation and said that by claiming this term, Taylor was feeding into the "whitesplaining" of black culture. With the exception of one or two, they're white and blonde. This loyal crew is a symbol of feminism in Taylor's mind.

She says, "Taylor Swift is basically quoting the language of the oppressed" without any inclusion of the people who are responsible for its meaning in the first place. She thinks she's educating her female fans on the importance of sticking together for the sake of women's rights.She defines feminism as "another word for equality" and complains about the double standards we still face.While those are valid concerns, she doesn't seem invested in the immense struggles nonwhite women face every day.Many people claim it was done differently than her counterparts because it wasn't done seriously. Although I was disappointed in "Shake It Off," I'm a pretty reasonable person, so I was willing to forgive her for the misstep. This time, I couldn't find any excuses on her behalf.In this video, she and the filmmakers romanticize colonialism in Africa.They have banded together to form much-needed allies, both in life and in the music industry.

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