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Mayer will no doubt find someone new, and have his relationship splattered on the front page of magazines. Knowing Mayer, this roller coaster ride is not stopping soon.

At the time, the media said that Mayer and Zellweger were “discreetly dating.” The truth is that the whole world knew!

When Mayer and Katy Perry got together in the summer of 2012, it looked that this relationship would last.

They were young, good-looking, and talented musicians. Plenty it seems, watching their make-ups and breakups over the years until Perry decided to leave John Mayer for good.

Mayer talked about their relationship on a talk show, saying it was a very private relationship that he couldn’t talk about. However, Perry is now with Orlando Bloom, and things seem to be going well between them. This is not the end of Mayer’s dating time line by any standards.

As expected, this relationship did not last long, and the two went their separate ways.

In her typical fashion, Swift got a hit song out of the breakup.

The truth is that the song was released before Mayer and Hewitt started dating, so this is a huge misconception.

Looking back, Hewitt told People magazine jokingly that if this were true, the song would have been called “Your Body Is a Disaster.” We call this “humility.”Another singer John Mayer allegedly had a relationship is Vanessa Carlton.

John Mayer told Playboy that their physical romance was red-hot and Simpson was “sexual napalm.” Mayer also compared Simpson to “crack cocaine.”The Internet was abuzz when it was reported that John Mayer and actress Jennifer Aniston were an item.

Mayer flew to Miami to spend time with Aniston while she was filming Marley & Me.

They were spotted together in New York on New Year’s Eve where they were spotted by paparazzi.

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