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In the past, he has dated notable actors such as Jonathan Groff.For the past several years, however, Quinto, 39, has been in a relationship with Miles Mc Millan, 27.The proof was in their social media accounts, as each of them posted photos of the other around similar times on Instagram.

There were rumors as to what caused the split, but those were quickly followed by a new rumor: that Quinto had moved on pretty quickly.

Out reported on Perez Hilton’s rumor that Quinto had begun spending time with Mc Millan.

People confirmed the split Tuesday, with sources saying Quinto and Mc Millan parted on good terms.

"They amicably split earlier this year," an insider said.

This Friday, July 22nd, Star Trek Beyond hits theaters nationwide.

With a 91% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a favorable Metascore of 71 on Metacritic, it’s looking to be a big hit this summer, at least with critics and potentially with fans as well.The materials they found also showed that the loft has a study, as well as a key-lock elevator which “opens directly into the kitchen area.” The living room/dining room was measured at 25’x23′.With a large, expensive loft for a couple that has been together for several years, some have wondered if marriage is just around the corner for the loving couple.Their respective Instagram accounts have grown quite popular over the years.Part of this is due to the fame that comes with being a movie star and a successful model. A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on As we’ve seen, Quinto and Mc Millan are not shy about photographing themselves or each other.That included a major purchase for the couple – their own place to live.

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