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In March 2011, the BLM put out invitations for Pickens and others who wished to provide lands to maintain horses for the BLM in "Eco_Sanctuaries" to submit proposals for evaluation.

Saving America's Mustangs the formerly named National Wild Horse Foundation to which Pickens had transferred title to the Spruce Ranch, submitted a proposal to maintain horses, that the BLM agreed to evaluate in April 2012.

Boone Pickens heads BP Capital which is unrelated to British Petroleum. The Cowboys that the billionaire businessman loves are at Oklahoma State University.

Even the ranch hands are up for grabs: the property’s prospectus informs buyers that ‘very devoted, generally long-term employees are in place on the ranch, and these employees are interested in staying and continuing on with new ownership.'” Even at $250 million, that might be a bargain.

“Selling the ranch is the prudent thing for an 89-year-old man to do,” Pickens said in a statement included in the property’s listing.

She is also a thoroughbred racehorse owner and breeder. Upon Paulson's death in 2000, she and his children from his previous marriages disputed over the estate until 2003, at which time she was awarded in the settlement, among other assets, stock in the Country Club. Not long after their marriage, the couple traveled to New Orleans to rescue pets stranded during the evacuation from Hurricane Katrina and flew them to California and Colorado on a chartered cargo jet.

In September 2015, the IRS filed suit against beneficiaries of Paulson's estate, including Pickens, for unpaid estate taxes. At the same time, she took up equine welfare causes when Old Friends Equine purchased Fraise and multiple Grade One winner Ogygian from their Japanese owners and she paid the $65,000 to bring them back to retirement at the Old Friends facility in Georgetown, Kentucky.

These ‘seismic reflections’ created data images they could use to look at the rock layers to determine how long it had been since the faults were active. While ERCOT still gets the majority of its power from natural gas and coal, wind power is now a whopping 15 percent of the power makeup, after holding just 2 percent ten years ago.

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