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With a long career up her belt, Dreyfus is considered one of the funniest women in Hollywood, especially due to her appearances on Saturday Night Love back in the eighties and her lead role on the political satire show, Veep.

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Bullock has had a stormy marriage with ex husband Jesse James, and since 2015 she’s been seeing photographer, Bryan Randall.

The Seinfeld funny actress is at the top of her game at 56.

These are Hollywood’s finest women over 50 who are just amazingly gorgeous.

At the age of 58, Michelle Pfeiffer is nothing short of gorgeous.

The former model with the impossible body, has been married to billionaire husband, Jeffrey Soffer since 2013, who is, by the way, 7 years younger than Elle.

The gorgeous actress who rose to fame when she appeared on the soap opera, As the World Turns, is 52 years and looks fabulous.

The bombshell has been married three times in her life but since she split from her latest husband in 2004, she was never in a real serious relationship.

When she was asked about how she felt about remarrying she said ‘I don’t think there’s a need to. It’s a way for me to express love and devotion and support. ’ The Emmy Award winner and Sisters actress looks incredible at the age of 60, has been married to husband, Howard Sherman since 1992.

We have a feeling that she won’t have any problems in that area, at least by the way she looks.

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