Who is pilar sanders dating

As of , Deion listed two of his Dallas luxurious homes for sale which was listed for .5 million and million, respectively.

He currently, lives in Cedar Hill, Texas, along with his partner Tracey, in a beautiful 600-square lakeside home there.

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Altogether, his personal car collection is worth $5 million.

I had cars in Highschool my mama worked her butt off for, I had a 85 Firebird and a 88 Lebaron in college,a a Benz, BMW day1 in Atlanta,a NSX, Lincoln, Vette & Cadillac,a Lambo,64s and all.

Sanders is considered one of the most versatile athletes in sporting history as he played two sports at multiple positions.

Also Read: During his career, Deion appeared in many commercials for dozens of major brands like Nike, Pizza Hut, American Express, and Pizza Hut.

From Rhymeswithsnitch.com: I have officially resigned as the publicist for Ms.

Pilar Sanders; it became evident that Pilar was providing me with falsehoods, via a multitude of sources and documents that have been brought to my attention.

One insider told the website that the New Orleans native has been very “generous” with his wealth too, and is “providing Pilar with everything she needs, wants and desires.” In addition to having access to Birdman’s yacht and private plane, the rap mogul is also said to be paying for all of Pilar’s legal expenses from her divorce, as well as her staff.

Pilar and Birdman have been friends for years, and have reportedly been seeing each other seriously for almost a year now.

Now I drive a pickup truck because I got tired of trying to impress yall.

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