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Coffee and Cigarettes: Though she was officially a married woman, Mary-Kate proved she was still the same gal she's always been, making her post-wedding debut in NYC by stepping out with her go-to coffee-and-cigarette combo.

Basketball Games and PDA: Mary-Kate and Olivier have always been big fans of the New York Knicks, attending games together since they first started dating in 2012. They've attended plenty of games over the last year.

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But apparently John Stamos missed that memo and reportedly had the twins fired. And that's the story." Gee, we can't imagine why the twins didn't jump at the chance to star in the Netflix spin-off , Mary-Kate and Ashley had to wear dentures so their teeth matched whenever they took turns filming, which seems a little weird.

Or in his words, removed from the set, according to "It's sort of true that the Olsen twins cried a lot," Stamos said. We're not sure how closely TV audiences paid attention to Michelle's teeth, and frankly, we don't want to know.

And it seems that was the case behind the scenes because the Olsen twin's parents divorced in 1995, which .

"who is horrified that combined with their lucrative direct-to-video movie series, her daughters are millionaires at age 7.

Not to mention, the twins were learning at a very young age to be conscious about their physical appearance, which would pop up later in their lives as a teenage Mary-Kate struggled with anorexia. At only four and a half years old, Mary-Kate and Ashley had already achieved a level of fame that rivaled seasoned professionals.

"Steven Levitt, president of Marketing Evaluations/TVQ, the Port Washington, N.

Because her twin sister Ashley Olsen might be getting married soon, and where would one even find a bridal boutique that would sell the perfect wedding day ensemble?

Okay, besides a bridal boutique that was recently ravaged by fire damage.

Sending my love."John Stamos also sent his well wishes, posting a sweet throwback snapshot of himself with the twins and wrote, "'In the blink of an eye.' Congrats MK." Launches: And neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley were involved.

The pair decided to stay away from the re-launch of the famous television show that launched their career, despite fans' hopes that they would partake.

Us Weekly says 33-year-old Ashley has been dating 30-year-old Louis for about two years.

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