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Now that I am older, I try to emulate their selflessness in my own career by putting service above self.I hope I can reciprocate their generosity in the years to come.28 | Instructor, Choreographer, Speech and Debate Coach at Dancing Classrooms, Arts in Stark, Artful Living and Louisville high school LIVES IN: Canton TWITTER CLASSIFIED: Someone who is balanced—fun but relaxed, ambitious but appreciative.

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Lori Stokes was one of the first anchors in MSNBC franchise.

Some of her popular News shows were MSNBC Today and MSNBC Sunrise.

She would be the type of person who would not be confined to 140 characters.

CONVERSATION STARTER: If there is anything I have learned from my time on the Earth, it is that people love talking about themselves.

Lori Stokes (age 52 yrs) is not the new name in the world of journalism.

Coming towards to Lori Stokes Net worth, Lori is the celebrated News anchor for popular News Channel WABC-TV which is under ABC Television Network, New York.Plus my work in choreography means different projects for competition show choirs, regional theatres, camps and more.My career has me on my toes—literally and figuratively—and so most of the “men” in my life are in the fifth grade or … RED FLAG: Being rude or thinking you are better than others and jealousy!Just asking someone about their interests will usually get them to open up.But I might change my pickup line to “Hey do you read About magazine?Strong morals and a strong desire to experience any and everything.

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