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No, just, is there some big moment for your character like there was…? I think the big thing about that particular scene, and that episode in general, is that we didn’t know anything about Megan, as we were saying. It’s always sunny and whatever.” Then I’m, like, “Oh thank God, my Internet is back. I mean, I don’t really have any regrets about that kind of technology. So it’s kind of like we learned that she’s extroverted, and joyful, and vibrant, and absolutely infatuated with this man, and we learned that not only is she working at SCDP, she’s good at it. So in terms of your question, we don’t necessarily need that reintroduction, but I still have had work to do. I play this woman who ends up on stand by for this flight at the Dublin Airport and she runs into this guy. Lizzy’s the president of the base camp association so we have a little patio, plants. I’ve never been on a show like that where everybody just spends time together. PARE: Betty is one of my favorite characters on the show.

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As far as going into each new episode and getting each new script, kind of blind, is there somebody on-set that may know, that chit-chats, that you find out from? Part of the reason that she’s there is to be the younger and freer element with the show, and she seems to dress more like what we think of as the 60s, whereas someone like Peggy is still… Is that part of what Megan’s fashion thing is, is to be the young, hip one on the show?

PARE: Yes, some people get the scripts before the actors do, and some people because of the nature of their job get breakdowns even before that, so definitely, if you wanted to, but everybody’s pretty tight-lipped about it and not only because they’ll get in a lot of trouble, but also because I think there’s that culture on the show.

Since the cast is always guarded when talking about upcoming episodes, most of the interview covered the twists and turns of last season, how much she finds out about upcoming storylines, Megan and Don’s (Jon Hamm) relationship, going from guest star to series regular, the wardrobe, and more. I was a fan of the show before and so it was intimidating to start working on the show and all these characters just seemed larger than life. I think I approach my choices much the way I approach the way I consume movies and TV and stuff. It’s a re-exploring of feelings that might not be totally dead. They would just be happy and nothing bad would ever happen to them. So you don’t want her to become a big movie star and move to Hollywood? PARE: I think when Megan left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce last year, in Episode eight or nine, I missed working on that set. She got this big house in the suburbs and she had kids and then she was miserable. Honestly, I can really believe my luck It’s so great that I get to work with these people but also get to spend a little bit of time with them because it’s a really great bunch. PARE: We normally shot on stages so whenever we are on location — at a restaurant or out of town — we are like “Where is everything?!

Hit the jump to either read or listen to what Pare had to say. Then you meet them and they are all real people except for Jon who is freakin’ huge. He’s so intelligent and funny and very interested in the person in front of him. PARE: Well, it’s great because of all those qualities — the intelligence, the interest and his talent — make him a very good director. Don’t lose that.” There’s a technical aspect to this that you wouldn’t necessarily get with a director who’s not doing the scene with you. I like everything, and sometimes I’ll feel like a horror movie and sometimes I’ll just feel like an episode of . So, it’s definitely opened doors for me that before wouldn’t have been open. So you can go straight to producer notes instead of having to audition, is that what you’re saying? With something like that, how much do you stick to the script and how much do you improvise? And, honestly, I couldn’t come up with anything better than that, so it’s fine. I get to do scenes with those people from time to time, but it’s not the same thing. She did everything that women were told they were supposed to do. Typically do you guys do two, three takes and move on? But we are never handed changes the day of [shooting]. PARE: We see each other at a lot of events, a lot of parties. When your Internet is working, talk a little bit about what shows you might be binge-watching right now. ” The head of the makeup department, Lana Horochowski, always says that we don’t travel well. PARE: I don’t know if it’s a lot because I don’t have anything to compare it to, But, it’s more and it’s great and it’s also a little scary for them because I’m way more excited than they are.

I mean, certainly it wasn’t part of his first marriage, and here he is having to adapt to this sort of new social norm that women were going to be in the home but also in the workplace. PARE: Yeah, well, I mean, I think it’s such a nice… What do we see with the relationship with Don’s kids, because those are always great scenes, and Megan’s very different with them than Betty is, of course. I was so excited to have my first episode, and I got my first script, and it had one line, and it was “Yes, Joan.” I was like a little disappointed for 30 seconds, and then I was like, “Jessica, come on, it’s one line, but it’s one line on and it’s ‘Yes, Joan.’ It’s not yes, Gertrude, or anything.

So many women have thrown themselves at Don over the years. Like you’d be having a scene with Joan.” So as the pages came through, it was a challenge to not play anymore than what was on the page, which there wasn’t much of, because I didn’t want to kind of like act myself out of a job, you know? Well, just in answer to your question, I don’t remember that specific dress — I assume it was a dress — but yes, it is a younger sort of like freer, more like later 60s sort of a wardrobe.

If you go back and look at that episode in season 5, there is a scene where Megan and Peggy became friends.

It was important for the audience to see that they’re not being competitive or cutting each other up.

A little bit more about the culture, sort of the increase of the sexual freedoms and drug use, and that sort of thing.

Was there anybody in particular you read, or talked to about what was going on in that world at that time? PARE: I mean, like, a lot of it does come out of the script. There’s certainly the films of the era, and stuff, that I’ve watched a few times and that kind of thing.

The 33-year-old is a self-taught sensualist in real life who loves to indulge (spas, chocolate, travel, designer clothes, you name it) so stepping into her role as Megan on the award-winning drama, Mad Men, was something she felt completely suited for.

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