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The Ashanti are noted for their expertise in a variety of specialized crafts.

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Tehy also weave kente cloth, and their more geometrical patterns contain symbolic designs handed down through the ages.

The Ewe occupy southeastern Ghana and the southern parts of neighboring Togo and Benin.

Everyone participates in the major ceremonies, the most frequent of which are funeral celebrations which typically last several days.

Attendance at funerals is normally expected from everyone in the village and expenditure on funerals is a substantial part of the household budget.

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She is currently dating Canadian rapper Drake but she has been linked to rapper Common as well.Many festivals include thrilling durbars of chiefs, when tribal leaders and Queen Mothers process in decorated palanquins, shaded by the traditional umbrellas, and supported by drummers and warriors discharging ancient muskets. The word "Homowo" actually means 'making fun of hunger.' Our traditional oral history describes a time long ago when the rains stopped and the sea closed its gates.A deadly famine spread throughout the southern Accra Plains, the home of the Ga people.Of these crafts, only pottery-making is primarily a female activity; the others are restricted to male specialists.Even in the case of pottery-making, only men are allowed to fashion pots or pipes representing anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figures.The Ashanti tribe of the Akan are the largest tribe in Ghana and one of the few matrilineal societies in West Africa.

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