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That was the time where I decided notto settle down or get married or have kids. And that feeling is more intensive than I can tell you.

I don’t miss anything — like having a normal family or kids — we are always on the road or on the tour bus going from gig to gig. Sleaze Roxx: Is there any specific difference between fan reactions around the world?

While many female artists lead normal lives that include day jobs, husbands and/or families, Doro decided on a path that consists of fans, recording studios, tour buses, airplanes, concerts, and bandmates — THAT is her family.

And when you see Doro onstage banging her head with her beautiful blond mane, you’d swear she was still in her 20’s.

I last chatted with Doro in 1989, so we were overdue to speak again — so I met Doro after one of her shows and stood quietly in line for my time with the one and only… Sleaze Roxx: After watching your show I’m impressed that you are so intensive and personally involved in your live shows.

The fans are the most important thing in my life and the feeling is growing more and more, deeper and deeper, all the time.

I don’t only say that — the fans are my life, and to be honest I think of them every day.

Doro has been in the rock business since 1983 when she started out with a band called Warlock — recording a couple of demos before releasing their debut album ‘Burning The Witches’.

Doro was born under the Gemini sign, and while I can’t tell you what her personal weaknesses or strengths are, I do know that she has constantly recorded music throughout the years (over 30 albums, including best of’s) including five excellent DVD’s which give you a look into the world of the female metal singer from Dusseldorf, Germany who started as a young girl in a metal man’s world and eventually become the one and only ‘Metal Queen’.

Actress, voice actress, director, producer, singer, artist Lucy Liu has lent her voice for a number of Broadway productions. In 1992, Lucy made her film debut in Cantonese crime drama flick, Rhythm of Destiny as Donna.

In 1991, Lucy made her first TV show appearance in Lucy Liu swears by the benefits of Pilates.

Sagittarius Queens, New York City, New York, United States Lucy Liu went to the Joseph Pulitzer Middle School.

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