Who is dawn from danity kane dating

The pop singer starred on multiple reality shows, ranging from , where she met Trump Jr.

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She auditioned for MTV’s “Making the Band-3” in 2005, and was selected to work in a girls group, which made her famous.

Singing under the Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, she became one of the four members of Danity Kane.

She might have even played a part in Junior's split from wife Vanessa.

But what happened to O'Day's career after Danity Kane?

"At the time, Trump's wife, Vanessa, was pregnant with their third child.

She once read Trump's phone while he was in the shower, finding "sexy texts" from O'Day in the process.

O'Day appeared on two episodes of Simmons's reality show , and websites have suggested a subsequent interview in which she described a detailed affair with a reality star could refer to Simmons.

For his part, Simmons and his representatives have strenuously denied such claims.

Once Vanessa found out, Trump ended his affair with O'Day, although he'd supposedly promised his lover that he would terminate his marriage.

Ironically, Trump Sr., well-known for his own sexual misconduct, was the one who pressured his son to stay with his wife.

She and fellow ex-Danity Kane singer Shannon Bex later formed dance-pop group Dumblonde.

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