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How did you feel when MTV revealed that you would also be competing with men for Tila’s affection? When it was all girls, we thought, “What a ground-breaking show! And after the first time, I just stopped paying attention to everybody there. How much input did the MTV producers have in the way the show unfolded? It feels good that Tila recognizes what I have to offer. At the same time, it’s cool that so many people recognize me. If you could have known how your life would change post-, would you still have participated? On the show, you said your mother raised you single-handedly. My mom always told me I could be who I wanted to be. I know she’s always there for me, and she loves me for who I am. If wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be here today or be the person I am. My mom found out when she busted me making out with a girl when I was 16. Before the show, I never talked to her about the possibility of my having children or about the legal rights I don’t have. It’s a big deal for a lot of kids that are coming out. I wasn’t always able to identify it when I was younger because it was never talked about. We realized the problem when we arrived, and we carried out the survivors while we held our breath. Before I was a firefighter, I saw a huge accident in heavy traffic. Once they realized we were competitors, they started to worry. For me personally, I didn’t know Amanda was trashing me until I watched the show last week. But, you know, when you’re in the moment, you just kind of shut it out. I am also unusually honest which to most people is like a breath of fresh air. When they called us for help, they thought it was food poisoning, so we didn’t bring our air masks.It seems the breakout star of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila can do no wrong. I guess it’s the way I’m wired; I just do what’s necessary.

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In the early episodes, you led the girls to victory twice against the guys in the physical challenges. I’ve watched shows before where it was guys versus girls, and the guys are always really cocky. Tila asked where my angel outfit was, and I said, “This is it! I just did myown thing, but I’m a trooper, a team player. It is a huge part of my life, such a big part of me. Do you feel comfortable being a role model, and did you look up to anyone in particular when you were growing up?

We kind of knew that they didn’t like each other, but it caught us all off guard. When I got the angel outfit, I wore my own stuff: my Vans, my khakis, whatever. We didn’t used to talk about [being gay] much, but now we do.

Seven episodes in, the self-described "futch" firefighter has become one of the top four contenders for Tila’s heart.

Shortly after the sixth episode, she talked with us about what has happened so far, why she auditioned for the show, how she first came out and what she looks for in a girlfriend. AE: So what did your buddies at the firehouse think when they found this out?

The guys in my department say, “I would go into a fire with Dani any day.” I’m never going to leave anyone behind. At the end of my firefighting training, I received two awards: Most Outstanding Performance and Highest Academic Award. I shop in guys’ departments, but the clothes are always too big. My friends always tease me for how long it takes me to get ready to go out, they say I’m so girly. The clothing line is still just an idea, and I need to find a designer who shares my vision. When Julie Goldman introduced me and the girls started screaming, I felt like I was a rock star.

It’s hard to find nice clothes when you want to go out. That inspired me to create a more androgynous clothing line geared for women and men who are in the middle. When MTV asked me to describe myself during the audition, they gave me the option of saying feminine or butch. My goal for Futch Apparel is to make women and men like me feel comfortable and proud of who they are. I told Amy [Lesser] I wanted to go back out on stage with her, the party was so much fun. Campbell was also cast as Ellie Reed in the 2016 television series SINs, and Maddy in the 2017 Fine Brothers production F the Prom.In March 2018, she appeared in the music video for "Better With You" by Jesse Mc Cartney.She holds an American nationality and belongs to a white ethnicity, and follows Christianity.Campbell was raised by her parents in her home town along with her sibling, Johnny Campbell.Feminine or masculine, I don’t care what you look like if you have what it takes. Everyone at the firehouse knew I was gay; I never hid it.

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