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Chelsea, 23, first showed off her new boyfriend, Cole De Boer, to her Instagram followers in August 2014.

"I think she should know what's going on and what happened.

But I think you've just got to be careful because it's going to be confusing for her. Of course, it's always going to be her sister, but you know what I mean." She added, "I don't think it's as easy to make the decision for her.

Aubree hasn't seen him in a few months, and I just got some news about his other daughter Paislee," Houska revealed.

"Yesterday I got a phone call from [Paislee's mom], and she said that her and Adam had court, and he gave up rights to their daughter, Paislee. How could you have this, watch them grow up and be like, 'Oh, right.

Chelsea Houska appeared on an episode of Kailyn Lowry's podcast, "Coffee and Convos," this week, and during her appearance, she dished on her custody drama with Adam Lind.

According to a report shared by The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Houska opened up to Lowry about Lind's lack of involvement with her daughter and confirmed that while he is allowed to see the child at a visitation center, he has not yet set up a schedule.He can't see her at all." She added, "The judge said [to Lind], 'You realize this is forever,' to him and he said, 'Yeah." This revelation led to a condemnation from Houska's husband, Cole De Boer, and questioned the dedication of Lind, who has had his fair share of legal issues, to his kids. F– that.'" The couple then started a dialogue with Aubree about being adopted by De Boer, much like Paislee was just adopted by her stepfather."That's rock bottom," De Boer said while holding the couple's daughter Layne. "I think we should discuss it with Aubree," Houska said.Chelsea recently publicly declared for her feelings for her new beau on Instagram, writing, “I love him.” The heartfelt post was accompanied by a personal shot of Chelsea and Cole posing side-by-side with their arms intertwined. From his Instagram page, it appears the 26-year-old is a huge fan of hunting, specifically dears and pheasants, and ice fishing. He posted several photos of Chelsea’s newest furry edition, a piglet named Peter, to Instagram in April, calling him “sweet.” Cole is also a big fan of fitness training and has posted various photos and videos of himself working out on social media in recent weeks.Due to his love for Luke Bryan – he attended one of the country crooner’s concerts with Chelsea in May – we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he listens to when he’s pumping some iron!De Boer has been a big part of Aubree's life ever since he began dating Houska years ago.

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