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He has made prestigious achievements in his name including 15 NHRA Championship wins.

The record-making legend racer Force has a house in Yorba Linda, California, the United States.

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American racer John Force stands at a tall height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Despite turning to the age of 70s, he looks much younger and active.

He was also sponsored by BP’s Castrol brand in 2000 and his relationship with the brand continued until 2014.

His nickname “Brute Force” was given him after the victory over his fourth Funny Car title in 1994.

He spent his childhood days in migrant farms, logging camps, Indian reservations and trailer parks.

He suffered from childhood polio which he successfully overcome through therapy and preservation of his family.

Force has other five siblings including four elder and one younger to him.

Cindy Hem, Walker, Louie and Tom are elder to him whereas Dana (Baby Force) Marino is younger to him by ten years.

He is a legend in racing and the credit might also go to his fitness and healthy lifestyle.

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