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Trunk Space: Hammering something like this out in 15 days is really impressive. Usually you get the job maybe a week before you go to shoot it, so you have about a week by yourself and then you meet your leading lady and then you have two days with that person before you actually start shooting, so it really is no time at all.I think something that really helped on “Love Struck Café” was, Sarah and I had been introduced through a friend.

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Walker is living a blissful life with his family and often spends his time with family.

Fall is in the air, leaves are on the ground, and pumpkin-flavored everything is lining the shelves of grocery stores across the nation.

Walker is married to his long-term girlfriend Cassandra Troy, a fellow Montrealer.

However, Walker and his wife Cassandra haven't mentioned the precise date of their wedding.

When an aspiring architect returns to her small town to complete a land deal for her developer boss, she reconnects with her former sweetheart, a widowed single dad now, and discovers the surprising reason he broke things off with her all those years ago.

And those seventy shepherds were judged and found guilty, and they arielle kebbel and andrew walker dating cast into that fiery abyss.I like it when I’m questioned on my decisions and where I’m bringing my character and where we came from and where we’re going.Sarah’s like, “Hey, let’s talk about where we came from today.Trunk Space: You’ve worked on a number of Hallmark Channel films over the years.How does “Love Struck Café” differ from the others you’ve starred in as far as performance and where you were able to go with your character?“Love Struck Café” is part of the Fall Harvest programming event. Walker: I would say everything you’d imagine fall would embody is basically in the film. And the set decorators – they always do such a great job at really doing it up and making sure that everybody feels like the holiday that they’re going to portray. Trunk Space: Outside of acting, you’re also producing, recently having finished up a science fiction film called “Oxalis,” right?

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