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We had just gotten married, ya know we were happily in love.

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ILL BE in some other bed, so don’t you F with my like that) #makethissongcry — K.

started off with a bang and plenty drama to keep most viewers talking well after the ending of the first episode.

Michelle found herself with absolutely nothing and no more money left in her million dollar budget she was given as a new artist.

Though she got the deal with Jive Records through this man, K.

The entertainment personality Memphitz finds himself on the receiving end of criticism this morning after he accused the singer K. Once a thriving entertainment personality, the character has seen his career hit rock bottom after Michelle stepped forward to ask her cast-mates for help during her first season of the hit show ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.’ Array What she needed help with?

Protecting her child and rebuilding her life after both were threatened by Memphitz‘ allegedly violent abuse.

One of the breakout stars of the show will be struggling R&B singer K. The young singer had so much promise a few years ago, but that promise ended shortly after a bad relationship that eventually turned abusive.

After meeting an industry man who promised her everything, K.

"I wouldn't be the artist I am today, I wouldn't know how to record, I wouldn't know the importance of the music. But for me, you'll never hear me tell another woman what she went through." "As women, how about we make sure that we pay attention to somebody's child, somebody's daughter, and that we stop calling other woman liars? I'm still living that down." , she spoke out about being violently beaten by her former record exec boyfriend, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright.

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