What to expect after dating for two months

If you do split, you’ll likely move on less than a year after the breakup – 67% of those surveyed waited under a year to start dating other people.

Men tend to move quicker than women, with 72% waiting less than a year to date again compared to 63% of women.

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So think about whether you’re on the same page when it comes to morals and standards,what you like to do for fun, how you de-stress and so on.

While you don’t need to date your carbon copy, having some commonalities is key for longevity.

Things keep ticking on, then it’s time to make things more serious.

On average it takes 45% of people a year to get engaged, another year before they actually get married, and a year after that to have a child.

The Frisky: 30 things every woman should quit doing by 30 I don't want to sound cynical or jaded.

I totally believe in love for myself and my friends, but what I believe in more is that it takes a really long time to get to know someone and it's a complicated process.

n a scale of 1 to 5: 5 = Your dog is your man’s BFF; 1 = The scent your man leaves behind sends your dog into a howl-fest.

(If you don’t have a dog, give yourself a free 5 points, unless he is a dog hater; in that case, give yourself zero points.)Rank your feelings about your guy during in-between-date time on a scale of 1 to 5: 5 = You are chomping at the bit to see him again, and conversations in between are positive; 1 = You avoid his calls. Zero = There have been no friend introductions; 2 = You’ve met a few of each other’s friends (roommates don’t count! (Give yourself a bonus point if you’ve met each other’s family members but not if one or both of you live at home).

They all lead to the same thing: You stay together or you split up. The research found that one in four of us share a kiss on the first date, one in ten would wait more than three weeks before a smooch, and the national average in Australia is to wait a month. 9% of those surveyed said they have sex with someone on the same day or within a week of meeting them.

After you’ve done the dating and sex-having stage, it’s on to the bit when you make things official.

On average couples take three months to exchange ‘I love you’s.

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