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However, there was one problem that this system of accommodation did not resolve, and that was the issue of accommodation for female pilgrims.

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For the most part they are contingent on the pilgrim’s own status, whether members of the religious life, members of the aristocratic class, etc.

It appears that the greatest flexibility and access was granted to fellow adherents of the religious life.

Second, the status of the women themselves may be the determining factor.

The degree of access could result from these women being themselves adherents of the religious life (in the case of Paula and the two Melanias, being represented by their biographers as holy women in their own right), and this placed them on a more equal footing with male monastics.

It is possible to sleep out in the desert, in tents or in caves, and the discovery of graffiti bearing women’s names on a cliff face in the Judean Desert suggests that this might have been where female pilgrims camped.

Potential Solutions Let us now turn to examine some of the solutions for accommodating female pilgrims described in the sources.

In principle, adherents of the religious life were expected to avoid the company of the opposite sex.

This created problems of access, especially for consulting a holy man living within a monastic community.

This paradox was especially pronounced along gender lines.

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