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The live images from our 360-degree panorama, for example, provide real-time views of the city of Innsbruck and the surrounding area.Or take a look through our camera located on the market hall in the city centre and admire the famous row of colourful houses lining the River Inn with the impressive Nordkette mountains behind them.

The program itself will instantly do all the tedious mathematical calculations for you, and it will do so without error.

Lastly, it will automatically generate a series of reports the minute you input information into the database.

Additionally, the software is capable of saving all your training plans and each of your student’s results.

You will never lose important information this way, so you’ll always be able to repeat the lessons that worked and modify those that didn’t meet your expectations.

Tactical training plan report: Can be interpreted as general information about the tactical sessions: Provides the session dates, session name and the trainer’s name.

Detailed reports about the tactical sessions: Provides the tactical session name or the tactical objective, a description to best understand the session, images of techniques that can be worked on in practice through repetitions and additional training time, series information, any breaks in the attacks, when the session ended, intensity level, how it got done (collaboration, opposition, combativeness pace, real combat), what materials were used (weapons, kicking devices, ropes, masks, none implemented), what part of the plan was worked on, and even provides space to make any methodological notes.

The planning process can last a few weeks, thanks to the time it takes to figure out your lessons, as well as the time it takes to gather the information and figure out how best to split the workload among your daily classes.

This innovative software will guide you step by step in order to create a logical training program, even if you have no technological experience.

Competitors evolution report: Shows physical test results using graphics that analyze performances according to the competitor’s max strength, speed and endurance numbers.

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