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It used to have a limit of 35,000 users, but after some other private trackers were seized and shut down by the authorities, Pass The Popcorn limited its user number to 30,000.

If you’re inactive, the tracker administrators will remove you from the website.

Movies are among the most often torrented files on the internet, but you’ll have a hard time finding some less popular or older gems on public torrents. It has a database that dwarfs even legit streaming services like Netflix, with around 400,000 torrents of different movies from all genres and eras.

If you ever become a member of this tracker, you’ll get to enjoy the largest movie database on the internet.

The main problem is that this private tracker is difficult to access.

Invites for members are often permitted and you need to be recruited from some other tracker, such as bacon Bits or PTP.

If you have ever downloaded torrents from public trackers, you’re familiar with the issues that might crop up.

First, there’s a chance that a torrent doesn’t have enough uploaders, which makes it too slow to be of use.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and become a member of one of them.

Bibliotik is a private torrent site dedicated to books.

It is still relatively new, but it already has a user base of 30,000 active users and an ever-growing torrent database.

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