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The latest fake deals we have come across are fake Nike websites being shared on social networks.The purpose of this particular Nike scam is for cybercriminals to make money.

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You most likely have a few favorite online stores and are probably cautious when purchasing products elsewhere, which is why cybercriminals choose to spread scams like this on Facebook — to reach a new target audience they otherwise wouldn’t.

People are also likely to be more susceptible to phishing attempts when they are in an environment they know very well and is shared by their friends and relatives.

Going a step further, we performed a search for the shop and on the first page of the Google search results included a forum post complaining about other, similar fake shops dating back to 2014. Last year, all kinds of fake content was spread on the web.

AI-generated videos proved to be almost indistinguishable from the real ones.

The lack of a telephone number is also a sign that something is off. Customer reviews and comments can also be made up, giving shoppers a false impression.

If you click on the social media buttons on the website, nothing will happen, and you will stay on the same page.

You can order 10,000 pairs of sneakers worth thousands of dollars on this website, which is not normally possible on trustworthy websites, as stock is limited. The fraudsters are mainly targeting Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.

But we also recorded attacks in Brazil and Indonesia.

In addition to abusing people’s trust by using other people’s Facebook accounts to spread the fake website, the page is well-made with a responsive template and even displays a mobile- friendly version when people open the site on their smartphone.

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