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The Dating Guy, is an animated comedy series depicting single guy, Mark, who values - well - being single.While primarily focused on the dating lives of twenty-something's Mark and his roommates V. and Woody, their gal pal Sam is not to be left out of the party, play and pounce type misadventures they all often encounter.

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Lois finishes reading a book on decluttering and proposes a challenge to the family to remove anything from the house that fails to spark joy, but Lois soon becomes fixated on decluttering and takes her efforts to extreme heights.

After Meg becomes an internet sensation, she and Peter join forces to expand her support base and produce additional content for her brand that focuses on unhealthy eating; Stewie and Brian enjoy a new car while Brian's other one is in the shop.

Quagmire finds his daughter at the high school prom he was chaperoning and surprises the gang when he decides to take his role as a father seriously, which leads to an ill-fated father-daughter camping trip with Peter and Meg.

Stewie and Brian explore a giant mass of trash that floats in the sea in the hopes of finding Stewie's beloved big wheel tricycle that Peter discarded; Lois helps Quagmire find greater success in the dating scene as he pursues a middle-aged woman.

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Whether it's pretending to be a twin in order to date twins, marrying a friend to avoid Canadian deportation, trading an organ for "special" favors, nearly becoming a criminal or narrowly escaping one, nothing is too farfetched if it means having the time of their lives.

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