Virgo female dating a cancerian man

We are loyal to each other yet find ourselves with trust issues..making up is the best...

Then we have cycles of good times and silent times never bad...

In the end, I left her a few months before the wedding.

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I was truer to my sign than she in terms of sexuality, as she had zero sex drive most of the time.

There were factors involved with regard to that which we both contributed to (the pill, my neglect of my appearance), but all in all, we would've been better together as parents than as lovers.

If he isn't in love he is stupid for bringing me to a family reunion and whatever. will he ever be as happy with me as he is with his friends?

I feel like I am working hard bettering myself and he still is doing what he wants not trying to sacrifice.

I was emotional, warm & immature at times, and she was practical, supportive and cold at times.

Our dynamic was great sometimes, but completely mismatched other times.

I am the one who made a move after I received a poem from him. He has many memories, many friends, a lot of ideas to help save the poor and weak. I have a Cancer man, we've been seeing each other for at least a year. Looking back in hindsight -- this was the instant attraction part of our relationship.

I mean it could've been that we were just horny, but a moment (read years) later that girl became my wife.

I am in love with him but need to know that he will one day let go of his "need" to have all the friends (male/female).

Will he ever stop being a flirt for the sake of our relationship and potential family? I dated a Cancer guy for almost two and a half years. He brought out my passionate sides, and made me feel like there was only us on the world.

I don't flirt and cant stand the idea of having to move on with someone else... It's something about his crabbiness that makes me worry... I loved him with my entire body more than I ever loved anything in my life, and he was crazy into me too. I have Virgo sun, Cancer ascendant whereas he has Cancer sun and Virgo ascendant.

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