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Note that the government of Brazil has arrested a Facebook employee because Whats App is secure.

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This is a much further reach for the FBI, but potentially a reasonable additional step if they win the Apple case.

And once the US demands this, other countries will demand it as well.

As a string of whistle blowers like former AT&T employee Mark Klein have made clear abundantly clear, the line purportedly separating intelligence operations from the nation's incumbent phone companies was all-but obliterated long ago.

As such, it's relatively amusing to see Verizon announce this week that the company is offering up a new encrypted wireless voice service named Voice Cypher.

Too bad because compliance will hurt only the innocent and also destroy trust in American providers of secure communications. Isn't terrorism more rare per capita than lightning strikes?

• March 15, 2016 AM @Ralf: any system which allows Man-in-the-Middle has failures in Authentication.

Schneier said Whats App could only comply with creating new vulnerabilities and patching the client. The man-in-the-middle vulnerability already exists, and the client doesn't need to be changed (because the Whats App client currently doesn’t alert on certificate changes, it's not even configurationable).

Of course you are right criminals could use other messengers. They simply should not be able to hide in the big mass.

This case is fundamentally different from the Apple i Phone case.

In that case, the FBI is demanding that Apple create a hacking tool to exploit an already existing vulnerability in the i Phone 5c, because they want to get at stored data on a phone that they have in their possession.

to cripple, disable or downgrade their security features.

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