Vickie guerrero dating

On the May 2 Smack Down, she stripped The Undertaker of his championship after deciding that his new gogoplata dubbed Hell's Gate submission hold was too dangerous and made a match between The Undertaker and Edge for the vacant title with the stipulation that Undertaker would be banished from WWE if he lost.

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From start to finish, I thought this was one of the better Raws I have watched in a while.

With the exception of the Divas match, the actual wrestling content was strong.

But it seems that Vickie's father also had a lot to do with them finally becoming married as well, so maybe it would have taken a lot longer if he didn't step in.

Eddie and Vickie finally married in April and Shaul was later born in October the same year.

She first asserted herself during a feud between Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero when Chavo accused Mysterio of being "nothing but a leech living off the blood of the Guerrero name" on the August 4 Smack Down! Subsequently, she acted as peacemaker between the two former friends until she seemingly inadvertently interfered in their match at Summer Slam incosting Mysterio the match.

At Survivor Series Chavo kicked out of an attempted sharpshootercausing Benoit to knock Vickie off the ring apron and on her head, causing her to begin to wear a neck brace and blame Benoit for "intentionally" hitting her.She also stated that at Unforgivenshe would force him to apologize to her, but at Unforgiven when The Undertaker did not comply, the Big Show knocked him out and Vickie spat in his face, turning heel once again.After Undertaker attacked Chavo, Vickie pleaded with Undertaker for forgiveness for her actions.The feud ended after Big Show lost to Undertaker in a casket match.Truth made it back to the ring in time, but Cena was counted out.WWE NXT Superstar Getting Married To Vickie Guerrero's Daughter This His Release, "Main Event Playa" Gimmick, Winning TNA World Title. Jan 3, "No their relationship is all fake and for t.

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