Verizon updating evdo towers

I am surprised a tower hasn't been set up in Abingdon yet, as we have a fair number of people.

But then again, the entire town portion is set up on Comcast and the suburbs all have DSL lines..

Someone earlier mentioned 3G speeds in Europe were much faster than here, of course. Because everyones more concerned about making a buck th...(continues)So basically AT&T is trying to divert attention from:1) The fact that their 3G network is few and far between, and that speeds on it are cookin' if they match Ev DO...2) ..alone Wi MAX. Sprint is rolling out 4G (live with it) tech now and AT&T isn't.

It's that simple.3) The problem of LTE still eing vaporware, and continuing to be that way for awhile yet.

The new Moto z4 brings updated specs and design while maintaining compatibility with existing Moto featured article Hands On with the Asus ROG Phone IIThe Asus ROG Phone II is a beast of phone, and that's absolutely by design.

Asus took its gaming-optimized ROG Phone and turbocharged everything, from the 6.6-inch 120 Hz AMOLED display to the huge 6,000 m Ah featured article Hands On with the One Plus 7 Pro The One Plus 7 Pro is the company's new flagship, and it's a looker.

These days a top-end phone is expected to have an all-screen, all-glass, curvy design.

At the moment I do not get very good sprint CELL PHONE service at my home (maybe 1 bar).

And the Verizon account for regular browsing the internet .... Don't forget to place a check next to "Sprint Mobile Broadband Network".

Verizon Broadband Access Terms & Conditions --»b2com/broadband/bb ··· .

Plenty of Wi MAX deployments, zero LTE.4) Their HSPA network needs to get decent coverage before embarking on another tech upgrade.

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