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Wedding bells and babies aren't quite on the horizon yet, as the 32-year-old athlete told HOLA!: "I would like to get married but I think we're not ready for it yet." "I don't want to be a mum yet nor am I prepared to be one," added Ana.Speaking about dating someone who isn't a tennis professional, Tomas has said: "I'm really enjoying that, that it's different, that I met somebody with a different life.

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Madison Mc Kinley American beauty Madison (Maddy) Mc Kinley is the girlfriend of tennis player John Isner, who is currently ranked World No. The pretty jewellery maker, who studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, met her beau in 2011 and recalled their amusing encounter.

"It was like he hadn't hit on a girl in a really long time," Maddy has previously said.

Citing reasons of hygiene, the true reason is that they want to speed up the time between points; if players have to do it themselves, they will cut down on the number of times they apply a towel.

Whatever the reason, there will be at least one young viewer watching Verdasco trudge to the back of the court between serves thinking it was about time he had to sort out his own bath wear.

Noting that, under duress, he was hurrying his serve, he started to call for a towel in the deliberate attempt to slow himself down, to get his thoughts in order.

Others followed his lead and the towel became central to many a service routine.The relationship between the player and the towel bearer became ever more peremptory, until it reached the point where the notoriously unpleasant Verdasco blew his top because a child committed the unpardonable sin of going about his duties marginally less quickly than Usain Bolt.hich is why the news that the ATP is to tweak the rules is to be so welcomed.Adrian Mannarino was fined £9,000 for shoulder-charging a Wimbledon ball-boy, a crime he exacerbated by afterwards describing the Wimbledon ball-collecting team as “over-revered”.ven the saintly Rafa Nadal, universally reckoned the nicest man ever to wield a racket, was criticised for handing a Wimbledon ball-boy a banana skin to deal with when the bin was actually nearer to him than the lad.hough it is with the towel that they most seem to fixate.

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