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Using Windows Authentication (also known as integrated security) is a more secure way to control access to a database. Fill(data) Return data End Function Storing sensitive information, such as a password, within the connection string can affect the security of your application.

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If a cell doesn't satisfy some conditions in Cell Validating event, I want the cell's value to be changed to the old value when I leave the cell.

I tried datagridview1.rows(e.rowin Use the Cell Begin Edit and Cell End Edit events (rather than Cell Validating).

private void Data Grid View1_Cell Value Changed( object sender, Data Grid View Cell Event Args e) private void Data Grid View1_Rows Removed( object sender, Data Grid View Rows Removed Event Args e) private void Update Balance() Private Sub Cell Value Changed(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1.

Cell Value Changed ' Update the balance column whenever the values of any cell changes.

So basically if they put data in row 0 – column 0, I want to ensure that row 0 – column 1, row 0 – column 2 and so on... I need this for validation reasons before this will be committed to the database.

If the fields are not all filled in for that row, I want to display a message containing the rows that need to be fixed. Here's an update, I have figured out what needed to be done.

For more information about how to handle events, see Handling and Raising Events.

To sort the control when the user modifies a cell, call the Sort method in a Cell Value Changed event handler.

It has 6 columns and 6 rows (which will never change). At first I created this entity to fill my gridview: As you can see is pretty simple, I would not recommend you to use this approach if you are loading too many records with many columns, because that could affect performance, but in your case I think this should works. My answer is with visual C#, because when I read it you did not mention the language, and now you just changed it.

When a user enters data in a cell under any column, I want to make sure they fill in the rest of the cells for that row.

To commit the change when the cell is clicked, you must handle the Data Grid View. In the handler, if the current cell is a check box cell, call the Data Grid View. Rows in the control are not automatically sorted when a cell value is changed.

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