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And I don't want to make them read-only.) The best I can do in Atom is to set their grammar to HTML, which is not specific enough: especially, not specific enough to tell v. This is not ideal, but I think I should publish this Atom package in at least some basic working form before I approach the developers responsible for the grammars, who might reasonably ask "Who are you; why should we listen to you; what have you done? I need validations for my Text Box, it should show errors as I enter wrong characters or integers.

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for example of the users enters "Cat" echo "you must have ginger with cat" text area contains the worlds "ginger" and "cat" - it gets submitted. The value from the textarea needs to be loaded into a variable.

Hi, I have a text area, which I am trying to validate.

Also can this be done only in Xaml without codebehind?

Please help me with the required code This is Xaml code: , you can do the validation in that instead of the setter of a particular property, then whenever there is a error, return an error message so that the text box which has the error gets a red box around it, indicating an error.

If you want to have a local document parsed as XML when you check it, you have the file-upload option available for that.

Just give the file a This problem: parsing XHTML that does not exist as a persistent file; that exists only inside the textarea input element, and so it does not have a file extension.I have spent the last 3 days google'in around with no such luck.Basically I have a textarea which gets written to file on submit.To get it done only with XAML you need to add Validation Rules for individual properties.But i would recommend you to go with code behind approach.For example, if you're doing ad hoc testing of XHTML syntax and the corresponding results from v. But you're right: you have the file-upload option available for that.

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