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In e SSO Administrative Console, select New - Windows Application 6.

Select the Applet window (module iexplore.exe, class Sun Awt Frame), click next 7.

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Hundreds of other relevant officials [with jurisdiction and responsibility] have deliberately looked the other way and have thus repudiated their oaths of office.

The URL will be captured by the Administrative Console as a regular expression. COM:7777/sso/jsp/login.jsp* integration of Oracle Forms based applications with e SSO product 1.

Make sure both: Use ordinals instead of names Show anchor tags are unchecked. Click Detect Fields and make sure the fields are detected correctly 8.

Edit the form definition and make sure the URL is set as "Regular Expression", and has the following format: .*? Navigate to the change password page using the wizard 9. Edit the URL in the form and make sure is set as "Wildcard" and has the following format: ______________________________________________________ Save the Following Below Content “People Soft_JDE.file” ______________________________________________________ *************************************************************************************** [47f78222-ab13-4b94-8d57-96f8a26b727e] AT_Page GUID=47f78222-ab13-4b94-8d57-96f8a26b727e AT_Page Name=People Soft Auto OK=1 IDField=0, F1, User,text Parent Key1=People Soft Pass Field=0, F1, Password,password Submit Field=0, F1,5,submit URL1=.*?

To define the form for the change password screen: 6. URLMatch Type1=regex URLReferrer= Context=jo Xf PQn1rxy9e K8fogo2Mdeon6VF/FSc Enr UP 4Q/0n Zvo X [9f3d9060-e9b8-4938-b6ad-3cbda97f20bb] AT_Page GUID=9f3d9060-e9b8-4938-b6ad-3cbda97f20bb AT_Page Name=Pwd Change Auto OK=1 New PWField=4, P98OWSEC_W98OWSECD,0_15,password New PWField2=4, P98OWSEC_W98OWSECD,0_17,password Parent Key1=People Soft Pass Field=4, P98OWSEC_W98OWSECD,0_8,password Submit Field=4, P98OWSEC_W98OWSECD,2,anchor URL1= URLMatch Type1=wild URLReferrer= Context=Lfe YXg21Sn44Sc Tai/Sl SRt Jfu Wygp7OYg8jbqa PMUf6Oj2c [People Soft] Active Logon=1 AT_App GUID=ba08b75d-c249-4d92-965c-4be57aa9a4db Auth Grade=1 Auto OK=1 IDField=0,0,0,text Pass Field=0,0,0,password Section1=47f78222-ab13-4b94-8d57-96f8a26b727e Section2=9f3d9060-e9b8-4938-b6ad-3cbda97f20bb URL1=.*? Select the 'Fields' tab from the top of the window and on the tab select "Send Keys" as transfer method and click 'Edit'. In 'Send Keys' window you have "Current Actions" in the left and "New Actions" in the right of the screen.VText Field,text Pass Key Ctrl=1:3:1:4, VText Field7,class oracle. Web App.* URLMatch Type1=regex URLReferrer= Web App Context=w 1Gs Hyqz7Psx RSEcmhli Fomg Vu UHZBB3e Fe6Z CBGY/jp Aq [3711a0a2-89a1-47ee-9259-e30512f84515] AT_Page GUID=3711a0a2-89a1-47ee-9259-e30512f84515 AT_Page Name=Change Password New PWField=0,change Password Form,new Password,password New PWField2=0,change Password Form,confirm Password,password Parent Key1=OIM Web Interface Pass Field=0,change Password Form,old Password,password Submit Field=0,change Password Form,method,submit URL1=.*?VText Field,text Preset Focus All=1 Use JHO=1 Window Title1=Logon Context=EO1Rvue73Gs JHy ASOFw XD5IFz37f C/3V d Kew5SUNKZsp Yi L [*Other Apps] Section1=Forms Sample Context=s FMFy/Z3/RLLJpqpsgw/d L5p Y4ex63o Zp Emeo U2g GMjt Yb Kq ***************************************************************************************** Tuning the e SSO LM agent for Oracle Forms Depending on the workstation and network performance, there are a few settings that can help. Web App/change Password\* URLMatch Type1=regex URLReferrer= Web App/change Context=sb C5i If JYP05Em LRrb KK 3chgy0c7By LNn5Nii N8nbbi V0Kd [OIM Web Interface] AT_App GUID=87dbf26b-9f09-4838-9d82-1088b31647f1 Auth Grade=1 IDField=0,0,0,text Pass Field=0,0,0,password Section1=dc7bd56d-474c-45de-b0db-cedc5cb35853 Section2=3711a0a2-89a1-47ee-9259-e30512f84515 URL1=.*? Web App/change Password\* URLMatch Type1=regex URLMatch Type2=regex Context=y Ouj Hp JJMmk J13AZJDej Hv WYTKLLyj Ln Ia Rvyz J3h Jkl Xr88 [*Other Webs] Section1=OIM Web Interface Context=Hj Q1393n8Cgw7C3RPai Qk T6/ba Btm FT1j6Twg Nrq OQc KUZo X To define a template for the OIM Design Console: 1.Test Runner.private Run(Test at org.testng. Test at org.testng. Suite Runner.private Run(Suite at org.testng. Suite at org.testng. Test NG.create And Run Suite Runners(Test at org.testng. Test NG.private Main(Test at org.testng. Test Suites Locally(Test at org.testng. IMPORTANT: Once the wizard is finished, on the Miscellaneous tab of the login form definition, check "Preset Focus" Without this step the template will not work.

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