Validating google analytics tips for micro firms

You need to have “edit permission rights” in Google Analytics to set up a new goal.Also, remember that you always define a goal on the View level.

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For the best view, I have included only two conversion metrics in the screenshot above.

An important concept to understand is the difference between micro and macro goals and why you need them both.“The primary goal or conversion on a website is called a “macro goal” or “macro conversion.” This could be [a visitor] making a purchase, sending in a lead gen form, making a dealer appointment, etc.

If you are an Analyst, of any tool, check out the Bonus tips included to kick your efforts up a notch or two. You don't have to be a particularly deep expert to find value in this training. It helps you understand how reliant the company/client is on Search (too much is actually not good). If you don't see other sources (campaigns – email, social, display) are not tagged. Like everything in life, you want a balanced portfolio (left). It is hard to get overall search keyword performance in GA, so grab this quick custom report All Search Performance and apply the standard advanced segments to it (Non-paid Search Traffic, Paid Search Traffic). Better organic keywords, performance for same words between organic and paid, goal value comparisons, so much more. While you look at three reports, you quickly end up with a robust understanding of *all* the things the company is doing and a detailed understanding of paid and organic search performance.

Then go to Traffic Source Campaigns to get a feel for how many display, social, email, other campaigns the company might be running. Zero companies will win without great landing pages. Great landing pages equals more customers enticed to engage plus higher conversions plus higher (Ad Words) quality score.

Unfortunately, there are many websites with insufficient or incorrect goal settings.

Goals are required in order to see your conversion reports.

Were we sending emails to people we had seen recently on our site? If email assists, can we understand its order in the conversion process and which channel it most assists? Go to Top Conversion Paths reportand search for Email.) Even if you never get into the mess of attribution modeling and all that other craziness, you are much smarter by just analyzing the data, and implications, from at this report.

The success of any online business depends on how quickly it can turn insights into action. The good news is that you are about to learn 15 actionable tips you can use with Google Analytics to speed up your data analysis and website optimization.

This post is about standard GA reports, but the standard cart/checkout funnel visualization in GA is value deficient. For the same number of button presses you'll get 25x more value than Google Analytics. Apply top traffic sources segments to the above report. What is causing a particular keyword, email campaign, display ad, offer, to convert higher or lower? In the above case I was astonished that while our email was primarily a direct response "here's a coupon to convert" marketing, it actually drove more conversions via other channels (! [If you remember from our first report above, direct was #3 in overall and social was #4, but on mobile direct is #1 and social is #3. Open your top landing pages in this report and then apply the Advanced Segment (button on top of the report) for your big traffic sources to see how differently your visitors click. Do you know how much money you make off each search term/expressed intent? Now would you not want all the top things people look for to have a .39 per search goal value rather than 0.12 or 0.63? If people are coming to your site and looking for stuff (and you have it) then there is no better signal to grow your keyword list.

Is there a better way to make money than to take it from people who have started the checkout process and want to give you money? Is it possible to not have garish banner ads in the checkout process? Is the error checking when the person submits the page or is it (awesomer) in-line when the person moves from one field to the next? Multi-channel attribution was the flavor of the month for every month in 2012. And just as in 2012 magic pills will be scarce, FUD will be plentiful, and vendors will promise the moon. :) But get to know the assisted conversions report. If *all* your campaigns *always* include campaign tracking parameters, this report is really good at answering this critical question: Assisted Conversions. After that if you can't resist the itch, go play with the, now free to everyone, Attribution Modeling Tool in GA. This is a standard report in GA, but I've pressed a few buttons to make it smarter. On top of the graph click on Select A Metric and choose Goal Conversion Rate. Second, equally quickly, you know the main sources of traffic via mobile are. What you now see is the distribution of which link is making you how much money. This report is your easiest way into Web Analytics. This might be stretching it a bit but 100% of your internal site search terms should probably be on your SEO keyword list and likely a part of your Paid Search campaigns.

The stories and examples will hopefully help you intelligently approach your own data in these reports and quickly find insights you can action / share with your management team. If it is not you have bigger problems.) What are the top selling products, what's the average quantity? If you are able to master the standard set, you'll be above average when it comes to understanding site performance.

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