Updating your version of flash

There may be times when you may want to update the firmware to test out new software features.If that's the case, this page will show you how to do it.

Updating your version of flash

Firmware is a special kind of software that makes devices function properly.

You can think of it as the software that makes a machine behave the way it does.

This is very similar to the memory cards used in cameras.

Any flash or Java Script errors can be caused in a number of ways.

Your rights to use any Flash player, projector, standalone player, plug-in, runtime or Active X control provided to you below, shall be solely as set forth in the following link,

Unless and except as provided therein, you shall have no rights to use or distribute such software.

One potential benefit of updating a computer's Intel video drivers is that updating the drivers can allow them to work on a wider range of systems.

If the drivers are not compatible with one type of system, then updating them has the possibility of allowing them to work with a certain computer setup.

the reason you may not be able to watch videos in you tube is cause you haven't downloaded java player just go to you tube and put a video you want to see and then if it tells you that you have to download java player download it and then you will be able to hear music........

It may be because your flash player is out of date, try updating your flash player and/or web…

Before you upgrade, you'll want to find out what version of the firmware you have on your micro:bit. TXT file from the MICROBIT drive and look for the number on the line that begins 'Interface Version'.

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