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With fully loaded servers running into multiple thousands of pounds, a compact demonstration server for under £500 makes perfect sense.

The HELIOS bundle included on the demo disc image will only run for four hours at a time, allowing users to see what it can do and decide if a purchase is worth it or not. John Yardley, MD of HELIOS distributor JPY Plc, says: It might seem like a crazy idea, but pound for pound the PS3 offers amazing power.

Well, that or until the OSS community get started on making an XBMC-like PS3 interface, since Sony believes all of your home's media should live on the PS3, and not on a media server. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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There is no denying that every time a novel use for the PS3 is announced it not only generates good press but also proves that the PS3 is an incredibly powerful machine.

However, the PS3 itself is a loss leader, meaning Sony loses money on each PS3 sold.

Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 is binary compatible with its release for the former Apple Power PC product line and concurrent support for the Mercury Cell products and IBM Cell and p Series servers.

That said, applications like these put Sony in a very difficult place.

According to HELIOS, the disk image installs Yellow Dog Linux in under 10 minutes, with a configuration designed to offer 40% more memory than the standard config.

When HELIOS saw the PS3's tech specs, they knew turning it into a server was not beyond reach.I expect plenty of Linux enthusiasts will find good uses for the installation, which includes powerful tools like Ether Share and Web Share.Getting HELIOS running on the platform is akin to cramming a Spitfire engine into a Mini!First version was released in 1999 for Power PC-based Macintosh computers.The last version (7.0) was released in August 2012.This is not, however, the first time someone has realized that the PS3 delivers more bang for your buck than current-gen PCs do. Frank Mueller built a supercomputing cluster capable of high-performance computing using eight retail PS3s.

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