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The subject matter of this application is related to the subject matter in a co-pending non-provisional application by the same inventor(s) as the instant application and filed on the same day as the instant application entitled, "Method for Updating Wallpaper for Computer Display," having Ser. In a window-based operating system such as Windows 95, produced by the Microsoft Corporation of Redmond, Wash., wallpaper often takes the form of a background picture or pattern over which windows can be opened or otherwise manipulated.Many computer users customize their background wallpaper with digitized family pictures or images relating to sports and current events.A further embodiment includes a mechanism within the server for registering a user so that the user has access to at least a portion of the wallpaper database.

This gives computer users the ability to express their personality and interests.

At present, most computer system users use the default wallpaper bitmaps provided by operating systems such as Windows 95.

Others retrieve bitmaps from a floppy drive, a CD-ROM drive, or from a publicly available source such as the Internet.

In any of the above cases, a computer user must manually locate wallpaper images, transfer the images and reconfigure display options every time the wallpaper is changes. Consequently, most computer users change wallpaper infrequently, if at all.

In another embodiment, the server includes a mechanism that receives a complaint regarding a user, and in response to the complaint a supervisor may remove the registration for the user. More particularly, the present invention relates to a system for updating a "wallpaper" for a graphical user interface by accessing a central repository for wallpaper over a network to update a wallpaper based upon personal preferences of a computer user. Related Art The advent of graphical user interfaces for computer systems has lead to the development of "wallpaper" for graphical displays.

Yet another embodiment includes an updating mechanism, for accepting new wallpaper from a user and adding the new wallpaper to the wallpaper database. Wallpaper is typically a type of picture, graphical image or pattern used to customize a graphical user interface in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If you depend on your devices, wait for the final release.

While you can't completely change the look and feel of your i Phone or i Pad, you can give it a customized wallpaper for your Lock and Home screens.

We've gathered more than 3 Million Images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones.

One embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus for updating wallpaper for computer display including a server coupled to a network.

While the betas contain new features, they also contain pre-release bugs that can prevent the normal use of your i Phone, i Pad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Mac, and are not intended for everyday use on a primary device.

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